It just seems I have been slacking on real updates but rest assured Candlelight is turning into a really cool game. Check out the details below…

Push Mechanic
It was always in the back of my mind to have some light puzzles in Candlelight. Now the candle can push objects around allowing for some puzzle to solve.

Burn Mechanic
The candle can now set things on fire and it is A LOT of fun to do this! Fire can spread so you have to be careful what you set on fire. Burning crates reveal hidden areas, drop health orbs or damage orbs. Like the push mechanic, burning things will be part of puzzles in Candlelight.

Water vs Fire System
Now that you can set things on fire there are elements in the game that can also extinguish them. Rain, water and water enemies can put out burning objects. This makes for some pretty interesting scenarios and timing events.

Explosion Destruction System
I finally got around to finishing the destruction system for TNT. When TNT explodes now, it checks for an object tag to see if it can be destroyed.

Water Enemies
These guys patrol an area and shoot water balls at you when you get within their range. They can also push boxes back into place that you have moved. The only way to kill a water enemy is to explode a TNT when they are close to it.

Water Boss
Candlelight’s first official boss is in the game, complete with attacks and a resting stage. I don’t really want to give away the details but you battle him in a steamboat in the middle of the ocean.

The second vehicle in Candlelight makes it appearance. I really want the game to have an adventure feel to it so I added a boat that gets you from island to island.

River Barrels
Ever since I read The Hobbit when I was a kid, I always wanted to ride river barrels down a river. Goal complete! This really challenges your ability to jump on moving targets that sink.

Snow Level with Xmas Tree Battle
That’s right, at some point during Candlelight you might happen upon a decorated tree that is not in the best mood. Complete will decoration balls and presents that are shot out from the tree.

Call Boxes for Moving Platforms
Now you can call moving platforms back to you. This was actually a pretty major addition to the game considering waiting around is not good for a burning candle.

Menus System Complete
This has been a long time coming mostly because working on menus is not really that fun, but it is now complete with gamepad and keyboard support. This also includes a brightness setting for the game which was important considering the inconsistencies with monitor brightness levels. A special thanks goes out to Carlos Lugo for writing the script for this functionality.

New Skies
The new skies are in the game and they look great. Although they are not the final versions, they are in the ballpark and add a lot of depth to the backdrop.

Another part that I eventually needed to complete so I knocked it out over a day. It’s a scene onto itself with some pretty cool lighting effects with lighting TNT barrels floating down the text above them.

Candlelight Patterns…

I thought I would take a little time to discuss the concept behind patterns in Candlelight.  One of the main gameplay goals in Candlelight was to have the player first recognize a pattern then use the candle’s action like jump, burn, or shoot to get through the pattern.

The video I have attached is a small example of this in the game.  This pattern involves rotating fireballs.  The player must move, stop, jump backwards, then move forward, and jump again to get through the fireballs.  The pattern is repeated until the fireballs are cleared.

FYI…  I kinda suck at my own game so I mess up at the end.  :-)


Man, it has been way too long between updates to the site but rest assured I have been VERY busy working on the game.  So here is a quick update on the world of Candlelight:

  • Dynamite Enemy – these guys are pretty simple but really fun to deal with!
  • Smoke Monster – this is a big mystery in the game currently.  Does it end up being friend or foe?  To be honest I currently have no idea… well I do but a mystery is never a bad thing!
  • Saving and Loading – finally got this system in and working.
  • New Levels – been working on making sure that all the pieces I have for the game work well with each other and that there is enough gameplay to go around and not get repetitive.
  • Polish & More Polish – Tons of polish done on almost every single item in the game.  This means taking a look at everything and making it better.  From the “tells” (does the player know something is about to happen negatively to them?), to general visual and AI polish, things are really shaping up to make Candlelight as awesome as it can be.

Candlelight Multiple 1

Thanks to all my friends that keep pushing me along to get this project done – you know who you are.  The constant encouragement I get from you is simply awesome and this could not happen without it.  Also thanks to all the fans of the game for following its development.  The final version is going to rock… this I promise you!