Cygnus X-1

UPDATE – Unfortunately the interest in Cygnus X-1 has been too poor for me to continue working on it.  With that said, work has stopped on this game but has already begun on the next game.

After a meteor storm destroys your planet outpost, you begin your journey to get back home. Exploring alien planets along the way.

Cygnus X-1 Header - GameJolt


  • Explore in your suit
  • Fight in your ship
  • Ship Upgrades
  • Quests
  • Suit Jetpack
  • Light Guns (mine and repair)
  • Space Stations
  • Jump Gates
  • Aliens

Cygnus X-1 Demo Text

Cygnus X-1 Intro Cygnus X-1 Repairing Cygnus X-1 Destroying Asteroids Cygnus X-1 Rocket Blastoff Cygnus X-1 Parts Shop