Dragon’s Eye Status…

When I released Dragon’s Eye my plan was to grow the game with the community. My hopes were that I could grow a following for the game on Steam but this never happened. Even with 5 pretty major updates, the game was never able to grab an audience.

With this said, I’m still working very hard on the game but doing constant updates no longer makes any sense. My plan going forward is to cease updates and wait to release the final version of the game by the end of the year.  After this, my plan is to begin work on the console versions of the game with hopes that it will find an audience there.

Looking even further into the future, this will be the last game I release on the Steam platform.  Steam does nothing to help you advertise the game and actually buries games that do not have either a ton of wishlists and great sales in the first week.  So basically the rich get richer and the poor have no chance.  As a solo developer that has very little marketing skills and money to put towards marketing this makes it impossible.