Dragon’s Eye Update…

Dragon's Eye 28A lot to update here in this post.  I have been hard at work on Dragon’s Eye for the last month. Here is a list of features that are currently working in the game:

  • Quest System & NPCs
  • Dialog System (you can talk to NPCs)
  • Keys that unlock doors and chests
  • Weather System
  • Day and Night cycle that matters to gameplay
  • NPCs have wandering patterns and day and night behavior
  • Sword Enchantments
    • Flame – burns enemies over time and makes them run away
    • Ice – freezes them and slows their attacks
    • Electricity – chain lightning that jumps from enemy to enemy
  • Enemies that roam during the night and hide during the day (sometimes)
  • Moongates that teleport you to new areas.  They only appear at certain times during the night.
  • Moving platforms
  • Traps (spikes, swinging axes, shooting spears)
  • Player can drown
  • Mini map
  • Health and mana pickups
  • Inventory System
  • Leveling System that works but currently does not do anything.  Still undecided on this.
  • Sword attacks and blocks
  • Successful block stuns the enemy
  • Punching and rolling evades.  Rolling is needed to get through some of the traps.

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