Dragon’s Eye

An adventure about a knight and his chance to prove his might and a dragon that is hellbent on destroying everything is sight. Time is running out in the land of Northway and he’s their last hope. The knight’s journey will take him through mysterious lands filled with magical weapons, mythical creatures, wizards, and warriors. But can this brave knight find the three magical sword enchantments before the dragon destroys the land?

Key Features
– Explore the forests, caves, snow-covered wastelands, lava cauldrons, castles, temples, maniacal mazes, and other worldly places
– Fight with magical swords with flame, ice, and lightning enchantments
– Summon Pet that attacks nearby enemies
– Sword throw
– Block, roll, and direction attack combat
– Day and night cycle
– The land becomes increasingly more dangerous with each passing day
– The dragon destroys more and more of the land as time passes
– Random weather changes
– Wildlife that can be killed for food